Mixed Use Concept II

Mixed Use Concept – Houston, Texas. Arc Three recently designed two mix-use conceptual designs that can be implemented on any retail pad site. By setting the building further back from the parking area, we were able to create a more pedestrian friendly shopping experience for building users. In addition to this added spatial benefit, it allowed us to elevate the building to combat Houston flood-prone areas without affecting the neighboring developments. A cleverly disguised raised platform would allow for water absorption underneath the proposed building. The result is a tiered urban streetscape that not only protects from flooding, but provides added protection from vehicular traffic. The compromise is found in less square footage for developers, but for the benefit of all, all with an eye on how retail developments are trending smaller than traditional buildings. This particular design envisions how we can utilize a PEMB frame for economic efficiency. Architectural relief and material layering makes the stigma of a metal building feel more inviting.