As a leading firm in Texas for commercial architecture, we specialize in creating beautiful yet functional spaces that meet the unique needs of our clients.  With a team of passionate and skilled designers, we are committed to serving exceptional results that exceed expectations.


Arc Three designs houses from the inside out that results in amazing homes tailored to each client’s way of life.  We are always striving to create unique and captivating dwellings that reflect their individuality and aspirations.


At Arc Three, we believe in crafting exceptional worship and church designs that go beyond aesthetics, integrating thoughtful spatial planning and innovative elements to create sacred spaces that inspire spiritual connection, foster a sense of community, and elevate the worship experience for congregations.


Arc Three is committed to authentic designs and buildings first and foremost; we are about quality over quantity. Our dedicated team works diligently to ‘wow’ our clients, going above and beyond their expectations in architectural aesthetics, customer service, and third party collaboration.

“Their attention to detail, thoroughness in thought process and involvement even throughout the construction phase is what sets Arc Three apart.”

— Sachin Patel, Builder