Seamist Mixed Use

Seamist Mixed-Use – Houston, TX.  Seamist drive sits on the western edge of the Houston Heights, just inside the 610 loop. We were asked to proposed a retail and office building that would have a connection to Jaycee Park across the street, and design a vibrant green space which would be a destination for all. Architectural explorations are still underway, but this proposal situates an L shape building with two cuts through the building on the ground floor to allow for pedestrian access from all points on the site. A shallow A-frame with an external skin that wraps and folds around the building creates different covered spaces for retail users, while composite and wood siding clad both the retail and office spaces respectively. All of which sits on a raised pad looking down into a lush green space, providing the perfect setting for an evening meal with the family, or the perfect respite from the work day. Stay tuned for more on this site next year!