The Triangle Concept

The Triangle Concept – Houston, Texas. “The Triangle,” is a real piece of property local to Houston we selected for a conceptual project. The convergence of two major streets creates a unique urban condition of a triangular nature, perfect for a mixed use development. The commercial wedge to the West serves the residential wedge to the East, which is why we chose this one of a kind site for this spec project. While this project is not a real development at this time, our study shows how it is possible to create a vibrant mixed use development of office, retail, restaurants, and grocery in the heart of Houston. The concept is derived from view corridors throughout the site which serve to visually maintain the connection between the ever separating streets. The residual space in the middle serves as a central market for local vendors. The market would also serve as an extension of a rooftop park which slopes down to the pedestrian level for an event space.