Zarrow Residence

Zarrow Residence – Houston, TX.  High above the busy city streets, in one of Houston’s renowned condo towers lies a unit that was in desperate need of a facelift. The clients for this renovation project were some of the most trusting and fun people to work with, as we were able to revitalize their space in a fresh light. The project consists of revisions to the kitchen, breakfast sitting, lounge, primary bath, and primary closet spaces which had all the traits of the 1990’s. Stained white oak cabinetry, beautiful polished quartzite, and sleek hardware makes up a majority of the materials used, with a high emphasis on craftsmanship.  Experienced travelers, the clients of this unit have unique artifacts from all around the world, making it feel one part museum, and one part urban dwelling. This project was completed in collaboration with Ashby Collective.

– Photos by Kerry Kirk

– Construction by Goodman Even, Steven Goodman –

-WINNER- PaperCity Houston Design Awards 2024 : Award Winners Here